This is the page to visit for the latest THINK Properties' news, from print and broadcast to online journals. We hope this digest of articles helps provide a more in-depth look into what THINK Properties is and what we stand for.

Construction begins at the Seagate at Sandspoint
Construction begins at the Seagate at Sands Point. Five estates valued each at $10 million are currently undergoing construction, the first to be finished in September, 2012.
Think Racks up a Tsunami of Listings
The Real Deal's Sarah Gross sits down with the founders of THINK Properties to discuss the firms revolutionary business model and how it has lead to steady growth in an shaky economy.
A chat with the developer and marketer of the Gatsby Project
A Q&A with Principals Lee Brodsky and Shawn Vardi of THINK Properties on the redevelopment of the famed Great Gatsby property.
Top Manhattan Boutique Firms
THINK Properties is listed as one of Manhattan's top boutique firms in 2011.
A Dose of Reality
Think Properties enters the top 10 Boutique Brokerage Firms List.
Irina Sabayeva of Project Runway moves into the Boulan
Irina Shabayeva, winner of Project Runway Season 6, purchases a condo at the Boulan South. "I bought at Boulan South Beach because of its amazing location and incredible value... I like the overall boutique feel of the property. It's going to be my gateway retreat when I need to lose myself."
Boulan South Beach Rooftop VIP Event
Grand Opening Boulan South Beach
South Beach Luxury Condos Making a Comeback
Grand Opening of Boulan South Beach Presents Ideal Investment
Boulan South Beach Opening 2011
Boulan South Beach Opens its Doors to a Superior Setting
Art Basel at Boulan South Beach
Boulan Opens in Miami
Art Basel in Miami
Boulan South Beach
Boulan Arte Basel
Steven G & Dwell Deux
XXXX Magazine Voyeur Exhibition at Boulan